The O-65 Division is an FC Georgia United approach to provide activities as “organized scrimmage games and practices”

every week for players who are 65 years and older.


Together for fairness, respect, and tolerance!

Vision Statement


"FC Georgia United O65 Men’s Division provides the foundation for healthy competition and good sportsmanship in a respectful environment."

Core Values

  • To provide the best possible facilities where soccer players can access programming that allows them to enjoy the sport.
  • To fulfill civic responsibility by actively participating in community partnerships and activities.
  • To provide a pathway open to all club soccer players 65 and older in the men’s division who wish to participate.
  • To provide an environment where open, honest communication between management and players is encouraged.
  • To provide a structure and environment where winning is fun but playing and having fun is paramount.
  • To create a safe environment that promotes respect for themselves and for others.
  • To evaluate environmental risks to ensure the safety of our players.
  • To create an environment that facilitates the growth of the sport of soccer and fosters a love of the game.



Short-term Strategy 

Have a well-organized O65 Division with very respectful and satisfied players who want to play a game every Sunday. Provide soccer tennis/drills and kick around two times per week.

Mid-term Strategy

To improve our "Club Culture", the O65 Division will expand its program of activities. This will include organized get-togethers, internal tournaments, and preparatory scrimmages for upcoming tournaments.

Long-term Strategy

Have an O65 and an O70 Division, each having 4 teams to play a game every Sunday based on our O65 Guidelines.

Organization and main tasks



The organization and the main tasks are binding for one year. The division manager must suggest the organization and the main tasks for the next year to the division committee after the last game at the end of every year.

2021 Organization (effective January 2022)