“You will only achieve profitability if you perform your work with the right Processes and the necessary Leadership commitment. Processes and Leadership are the global parameter for efficiency and productivity what is going on to profitability. Increasing profitability is associated with Cultural Change."

Karl-Heinz Lochner (President, CEO, KHL Consulting, LLC)


A long time Siemens employee, Lochner held the position of Vice President of Operational I&C nuclear power plants worldwide. He relocated to Atlanta from Germany in 1999 to take a key role in the development of the nuclear business in the United States.  This included the replacement market, as well as project implementation of upgrades in nuclear power plants.


In 2004, he founded his own company, KHL Consulting, LLC in the USA. 


From 2005 to 2016, he was employed by INP North America and NAC International to take a role in I&C of power plants (INP) and business process management for used nuclear fuel storage businesses (NAC).   


Lochner brings 30 years of management experience and leadership. He also holds a BS degree in Engineering (Computer Technology) from Schweinfurt Engineering Institute in Germany. Prior to his university studies, Lochner earned a degree in high voltage electricity during a four-year apprenticeship with Siemens.

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