An ode of joy about our 065 Division and our

camaraderie on Sundays by John Zonneveld


A Sunday in September, Game at nine

and everyone seems to be on time.                             


The teams are ready to kick off,                               

It's team B against the D,                                

let’s hope it is not going to be too rough.                                


One of the B players, Dincer is his name,                                 

the unpredictable striker,                                

a target in their passing game.                                


He just stands there nonchalant,                                 

in striking position, so arrogant.                                  


He receives the ball,                                 

and with a flip of his foot,                                   

how do you do that you little brute.                                  


The balls goes high and spins around,                                  

and never again will touch the ground,                                  

until it falls between the post,                                  

with the net the welcoming host.                                  


What can you say not very much,                                   

it's now known as the Dincer TOUCH! 




Player Story


I was born in a small town in Clarendon, Jamaica known primarily for farming. I have three older siblings and one little sister.  My mother left Jamaica when I was young to work abroad in Canada. Eventually she was able to bring us all to Canada. I attended Herzing University and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Soon after I was able to land a job with a multinational insurance company that is best in its field.


One day when visiting a friend in New York I met a lovely lady who I have now been married to for nearly 40 years. Through my job we have traveled to Toronto, New Jersey, and Florida before finally settling in Georgia where we have lived for over 24 years. I have three adult children and two grandchildren. I dabble in gardening. Though I enjoy tending to my yard, I think the deer that eat my tomatoes probably like it a little bit more. Because I have floated from country to country I hold citizenship status in Jamaica, Canada and the United States.


Growing up as a boy in Jamaica cricket and soccer became the go-to leisure activities for young adults. Over time we developed the Pennants Football club, which competed with rival district teams in the area.


I enjoy visiting family and friends in Jamaica and want to reconnect with my old district team. The team is not rich, and I am sure that the donation of new or gently used soccer equipment would be greatly appreciated. For me soccer is a way to get exercise, have fun and build relationships with a diverse soccer loving community.



Orville Watson

Player Story

I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. My Elementary, Middle and High Schools were right by Bosporus. Our house was in Besiktas, where the famous soccer club is located. Besiktas has also a lot of Ottoman Empire Palaces and it was a cool place to grow up! We would go to the soccer stadium to watch Besiktas Soccer Team practice after school, an Italian Remondini was the coach then.

I passed a tough exam to enter the Istanbul Technical University, studied Civil and Structural Engineering, got the Y.Muh degree which is similar to Dipl. Ing. After graduation I won a NATO Science Fellowship to study Continuum Mechanics at Princeton University - Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences. I loved my time at Princeton and consider it my American hometown. Got M.A. and Ph. D. degrees there. I interview applicants to Princeton with other Alumni every year.

Returned to Turkey in 1971 to join the Department of Engineering Sciences at the Middle East Technical University. My academic life ended abruptly when I was drafted for the compulsory military service in 1973. I was an Officer at Turkish Navy and an Aide de Camp to a three starred Admiral for a year and a half. Never had that much prestige again!

Returned to Princeton in 1975 and GE Power Systems made an offer I could not refuse in 1976. I started my 31-year career at GE in Schenectady, NY. In 1999 my group moved to Atlanta where I headed the Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Center for GE Gas Turbines. I hold a patent for that.

My job gave me opportunity to travel the world, Europe, Middle and Far East, South America, Caribbean, and Canada. 

My passion for soccer started by watching Besiktas practicing where I grew up. In Princeton played for the local Italian-America Soccer Team where I was the only one without an Italian heritage. Graduate Schools do not have formal sports activities.

In Schenectady played for Scotia Highlanders and Guilderland over 30 teams.

Now a proud member of FC Georgia United over 65 teams.

Dincer Ozgur