Soccer Fest 2022

Chattanooga, TN, JULY 13-17

FC Georgia United O70

Dear Soccer friends,


FC Georgia United registered two teams for the upcoming Chattanooga soccer festival in 2022. One team for the O70 division (11v11) and one team for the O75 division (7v7). Yasuo Matsuzawa  will put the O70 team together, and Karl-Heinz Lochner will put together a competitive O75 team.



The general rules for this 11v11 tournament are not yet available. As soon as they are available this page will be updated. 


  • Duration of Game: ?
  • Substitutions: Can be made on any stoppage with the referee’s permission
  • Player Equipment: Players should have the same jersey color with numbers on back (FC Georgia United will provide the uniforms)
  • Shin Guards: Players must wear shin guards covered by long socks.
  • Slide tackling: ?



  • Ramiz Okyay is the coach and responsible for the lineups and substitute.
  • We have two captains, John Jurs and Mike Hagerty who are responsible for the player control on the field.

  • We want to play head up soccer and win the tournament.

  • Play together and respect each other!

  • We play the strategy that the coach sets up for the games.

  • (strategy to be placed separately)

The group assignment is't available yet.

The schedule is not yet available.

Do not forget!

We have scheduled six preparatory scrimmages against our O70 team:


Saturday, January 8

Saturday, February 26

Saturday, March 26

Saturday, April 30

Saturday, June 25

Saturday, July 9



We together as a team make the difference!


The Coaching and Management Team