Soccer Fest 2022

Chattanooga, TN, JULY 13-17

FC Georgia United O75

Dear Soccer friends,


FC Georgia United registered two teams for the upcoming Chattanooga soccer festival in 2022. One team for the O70 division (11v11) and one team for the O75 division (7v7). Yasuo Matsuzawa  will put the O70 team together, and Karl-Heinz Lochner will put together a competitive O75 team.



(as of March 22)

As a reminder:


The general rules for this 7v7 tournament are:


  • Duration of Game: Two 30-minute halves, 5-minute Half-Time
  • Field Dimensions: 70x55 Yards
  • Goal Size: 7x21
  • Throw-ins: Yes
  • Substitutions: Can be made on any stoppage with the referee’s permission
  • Player Equipment: Players should have the same jersey color with numbers on back FC Georgia United will provide the uniforms)
  • Shin Guards: Players must wear shin guards covered by long socks.
  • Offside: No Offside Rule will apply
  • Fouls & Misconduct: Goalkeeper may punt in own half. If the goalkeeper punts (volley or ½ volleys the ball from hands) into the opposing half, the other team shall be awarded an indirect free kick on the center spot (halfway line). Restart with indirect free kick.
  • Slide tackling: Is allowed

  • Free kick: Indirect & direct free kicks to be given in accordance with the laws of the game. Opponents must be 8 yards from ball.

  • Penalty Kick: Taken from 8 yards out. Goalkeeper must keep one foot on goal line



  • John Jurs is the head coach and Richard Cleaveland is the assistant coach for our O75 team. John is an experienced coach and will help us to be well organized.
  • The head coach is responsible for the lineups and for the formation of how we want to play.
  • If he's not playing, he's responsible for making substitutions.
  • If John plays at the same time we are playing (he is on our O70 roster), Richard will be responsible for making any necessary substitutions.

The group assignment is't available yet.

The schedule is not yet available.

Do not forget!

We have scheduled six preparatory scrimmages against our O70 team:


Saturday, January 8

Saturday, February 26

Saturday, March 26

Saturday, April 30

Saturday, June 25

Saturday, July 9

How we interact

  • Team spirit is the success factor. Do not criticize your teammate, everybody makes mistakes, help, and support each other. Respect each other’s performance.
  • Only if we have fun we can win.
  • Let us try our two-touch game. We have always played well when we are looking for an easy pass and not be under pressure.
  • Hold the ball on the ground. It is much easier to control a ball on the ground as it is in the air.


  • Talk to each other or have eye contact before you pass a ball. A quiet team is a dead team.
  • Players are to sub for their positions ONLY. Everyone must have a good attitude when called off the field for a sub. Everyone wants to play (and everyone should), so you must be flexible.
  • Players must stay in their positions - not to switch things up when they get on the field, or to sub in at a position that you are not listed for above.

Have in your mind: The key for every successful team is not only the formation. Every player has the capability to pass a ball … the question is how fast you can pass it, how fast do you react, how fast do you read the game.



We together as a team make the difference!


The Coaching and Management Team